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The Tuscany hot springs are frequently visited, gushing from the earth and used for their curative properties since the times of the Romans, who believed that the sulfurous water came from the Gods who lived in the underground.  The spa in Tuscany is well developed and can be found at many big and small thermal baths: next to the trendy wellness centre in Tuscany it is possible to relax in a spring of hot water in the open countryside in which you can immerse yourself and enjoy a natural original and different pleasure.

We thought of a Short Break in Tuscany dedicated to the Thermal Baths of the Tuscan Maremma which in only a few days would show the curious visitor that the spas of the wellness centres come from the natural Tuscany hot Spring that is unknown to mass tourism, hidden and in some cases a little difficult to find, but exactly for this reason an even more valuable and unique experience.

To immerse yourself in a swimming pool of natural hot and steamy water supplied by the hot springs, let yourself be caressed by the gentle flow of the thermal streams, and take in the beneficial steam, is more simple than you could imagine! This Short Break in Tuscany is the height of relaxation: tubs carved in the rocks, natural waterfalls, beautiful coves, real natural spas – all is ideal to regenerate the body and the mind. Welcoming accommodation and totally free access to paradise, with the comfort to be able to get around the low Maremma, a wild world of big spaces where wild herds roam and foxes and wild boars hide in the forests.

On our Breaks in Tuscany you will have access to a rental car to enable you to move independently, choose white roads with 4×4 traction, and discover where that intriguing path ends.

Routes indicated by the trustworthy GPS also give you the liberty to improvise and vary your route.  The cars used during the Short Breaks in Tuscany are equipped with a video camera that allows you to film your route, a recording that you can take home with you. This tour of the Tuscany hot springs will be based at Pitigliano, a small city situated at the top of a hill of Tuff with houses carved in the rocks, the ideal base from which to explore a land of ancient traditions jealously guarded which can only be discovered by informed travelers. In these Breaks in Tuscany visitors can spend the evening in the thermal centre of the area, an evocative experience in which you will relax in the water under the glow of the moon and the stars.

Our Short Breaks in Tuscany 

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