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To visit the Marches is like entering a basket full of cultural, artistic and architectural treasures.

Sferisterio-Le MarcheTo discover that it is the region with the most number of active theatres relative to the number of residents will surprise he or she who does not yet know the region well. The Marches cultural heritage is enriched with a valuable nucleus of historical theatres, authentic architectural jewels rich in art work, that thanks to the extraordinary regional investment in their restoration have been recovered and returned to the community. Passion for the theatre is such an integral part of the Marches that it should be called the “region of 100 theatres”.

What gave rise to this passion? The design and building of places dedicated to entertainment dates between the 7th and 8th centuries, at the time of the development of the Bourgeois class. This was the time in which the theatre left the noble courts, which were on the decline, and became the space of the new social class, the Bourgeois. At the city theatre, the Bourgeois celebrated themselves: enjoyed themselves, displayed their wealth with luxurious clothes and beautiful carriages, and it is for this reason that in the Marches every city has a theatre, a lively space for the whole community. This meant that in the middle of 1900 113 buildings were constructed for this use – this being an Italian defect of parochialism, because every city wanted to possess a more beautiful theatre than that of the neighbouring city.

Opera in Italy-Sferisterio

Macerata is an enchanting city in the Marches region, rich in history and traditions with a medieval centre well looked after and many cultural attractions. The pearl of the city is the Sferisterio Theatre, the only outdoor theatre in the world with sensational acoustics, among other things, which supports many well-known opera singers. It was constructed in 1823, but not for concert purposes but for the game of Ball with Arm Brace, one of the most ancient Italian sports. The name – Sferisterio – comes from its truncated circle shape, ideal for the game.
Today the building hosts the Sferisterio Opera Festival, an important opera season, some shows which we will assist at.

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