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Master class day1 “A taste of Italy

Usually my course begins by making a variety of delicious antipasti such as Sicilian light Caponata,  or Italian grilled bell peppers, aubergines and  courgettes with Buffalo mozzarella PDO and roasted pinenuts.  Then the class will learn how to make pasta from scratch, including rolling, cutting and stuffing different shaped pastas, such as tagliatelle, pappardelle, cappelletti and ravioli. Usually guests will then be divided into groups to make a selection of pasta sauces, for example puttanesca, cherry tomato & basil, classic ragù, wild mushroom or cavatelli alla calabrese (with minced lamb). Alternatively the group may make pasta sauces and traditional Italian cannelloni or Giuseppe’s lasagna. Finally a seasonal Italian dessert will be made to accompany a glass of good wine.

Master class day 2 “The original Italian pizza”

The class will take part in ‘hands-on pizza making’. This will begin with a demonstration on how to make pizza dough; followed by everyone making their own. You then prepare a selection of Italian  vegetarian toppings, such as goat’s cheese with red onions, Quattro Stagioni, Napoletana, Parma ham with rocket and Parmesan cheese, capricciosa and Fiorentina. The more adventurous may create their own unique combinations. Whilst the pizzas are cooking, a selection of Italian salads will be prepared; followed by a chosen dessert. As the pizzas come hot out the oven, everyone gets to enjoy what they have made, accompanied by wine or a chilled beer.

Master class day 3 “Trattoria”

Trattoria are informal and sociable restaurants you find all over Italy; together with Giuseppe you will create an array of seasonal, trattoria style regional Italian dishes such as hot potato croquettes filled with smoked cheese, bruschetta with cherry tomatoes,  grilled lamb with anchovy dressing and courgette sformato & a dessert of Ricotta, lemon and cinnamon tart.   There is something for everyone. You will also prepare Italian focaccia and bread.

Master class day 4 “ Italian street food”

Every Italian region has its own street food specialities , the common link is they are freshly cooked, quick & tasty, giving a new meaning to ‘fast food’.  This hands-on course introduces you to a variety of ‘moreish’ dishes such as ‘Torta Fritta (Emilia-Romagna), Panzerotti (small bite-sized calzone, Calabria), Arancini (small Sicilian rice balls filled with cheese/ragu), Rustici (filled pastry squares, Campania).  Enjoy what you have made with a glass of good wine.  The evening promises to give you a fun, sociable insight to Street Food… Italian style!

We provide  authentic Italian cooking courses and eating experience in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Offering a wide range of bespoke cookery courses both for corporate and private entertaining. We hope you will leave this course having increased your repertoire of Italian dishes, gained some new cookery skills and enjoyed the warmth of spending an evening cooking with friends!

Other examples of italian menu

Emilian Menu

This is a traditional meal of Emilia Region.
Starter: Selection of Italian cured meat( Parma Ham PDO, Mortadella of Bologna PGI, coppa piacentina, Salame of Felino) swith basket of Selection of bread, marinated olives, balsamic vinegar Parmesan & olive oil

Main course: Bis of Tortelli ( potatoes and italian smoked bacon, ritocca cheese and spinach) with butter of Padania and Parmesan of Red Cows 36 months

Dessert: Sbrisolona tarte ( tarte with almonds, corn flowers) with italian zabaglione.

Each dish will be linked with one different kind of wine

Spicy Calabrese menu
Great cuisine…. for sure the hottest….
Starter: Spicy ciambotta ( vegetables deep fryied with scrambled eggs and curry sauce);

Main course: Aubergine baked with light tomato and basil sauce ( filled with beef ragù and pecorino sheep chese of calabria)
Dessert: Spicy soufflè of chocolate with curd lemon

Mediterranean Menu
Starter: Swordfish carpaccio, tomato, pepper, red onion salsa,

quail egg with caper dressing
Main: Cavatelli with nduja spicy salami ragù
Dessert:  Our Tiramisu – Mascarpone parfait, Marsala Jelly, coffee foam, chocolate mousse.

Italian Menu
Starter: Scottish seared scallops, leeks puree with crispy Italian bacon;

Main course: Sea food homemade Lasagna with saffron sauce and  king prawns
Dessert:  Giuseppe’s version of Bavarese with sauce of fig jam, raisins and apple

Brut Franciacorta DOCG (Chadonnay 80%, Pinot Noir 20% )
Saten Franciacorta DOCG (Chardonnay 100%,  pressure 4 bar)
at the end Franciacorta DOCG Pas dosè 2004 (Pinot Noir 100%)

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