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Our Breaks in Puglia, Salento

Salento is in the South of Italy, in the Southern part of Puglia. On a map, Italy looks like a boot. The heel is Salento.
Salento was in the past inhabited by the Greeks and Romans who decorated their territory with extraordinarily beautiful monuments. Every place in Salento is rich in history; it is a territory that still breathes and lives the ancient popular artistic and cultural traditions. The cities in Salento are considered real jewels of Baroque arte, along with the ancient fortified farmhouses, wonderful vestiges left by the past.
We thought of organizing our cooking holidays in Puglia because when you arrive on this strip of land suspended between two seas you can experiment with the more authentic culinary recipes, passed down from generation to generation. 

Cooking classes in Puglia

During our cooking classes in Puglia the chefs of the beautiful farm where we will stay we will learn how to make homemade pasta according to Puglian recipes, the famous orecchiette, fish and meat, reproducing local, traditional tastes.
Beaches, oil, the sea, wine and music: these are fantastic reasons to take a holiday in Salento. The fantastic food is one of the tourist attractions of this part of Puglia, and it is exactly for this reason that we wanted to organize cooking holidays in Puglia.
Then there is the culture: people in Salento “speak” Greek, with traces of its ancient past. It continually mirrors the Baroque style that makes Lecce, which we will visit, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, so unique that it is difficult to compare it to the other civilizations thanks to the architectural style of its monuments: the Leccese Baroque.

Cheese from Puglia

We will spend time in an ancient, completely restructured farm, the traditional farm of the area that can be found exactly in the middle between the Ionian sea and the Tyrrhenian sea. Here our cooking holidays in Puglia will take place in peace and tranquility, far from the frantic rhythms that we are used to, spoiled by delicious food, while we relax on the edge of a beautiful swimming pool in the warmer hours of the day. But turning to the local Italian products, the excellence of which we will discover on these Breaks in Puglia: this region is famous for oil, mozzarella cheese, and homemade pasta. Here you will experience divine cooking and drink delicious wine. For example, everyone can try the Primitivo di Manduria, a good wine produced in Taranto and Brindisi, a regional excellence. In our cooking classes in Puglia we will discover the uses in the kitchen of Pugliese extravirgin olive oil that is practically always present in every Pugliese recipe.

We will be able to learn the “pizzica”, the traditional music of Salento that is played as an accompaniment to a lively dance and “magic”: the Taranta. It is difficult and complicated to explain here the history and meanings of the Taranta. They are in between superstition and healing. Dancy frenzy and evil exorcism. In summary, it is a popular culture that is beyond reason and religion. Think of a Break in Puglia – Salento is waiting for you…

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