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Cooking holidays in Le Marche

Why not visit one of the most beautiful regions of Italy with a cooking vacation in Le Marche?

Why not travel to a dream countryside and learn about the typical products of the cooking classes in Le Marche? The Marches are a degradation of beautiful hills and valleys that lead down from the Apennines to the sea, the perfect location for a relaxing holiday in the in countryside, away from the traffic and noise. We decided to organize our Cooking holidays in Le Marche because this region offers both sea, hill and mountain landscapes. In less than half an hour it is possible to go from the hot climate of the beach to the fresh windy hills and find yourself almost immediately in front of the massive Sibylline Mountains. In the inner areas are ancient villages, medieval settlements closed in between the wall, castles and rocks overhanging the hills.

Typically the Marches landscape features a succession of smooth hills that finish at the coast, where the beach shores filled with golden, fine sand extend into the ocean water, in a continuous and uniform line. A tourist who wishes to have an Italian cooking holiday different from the usual holiday can explore the streets and hills of the Marches territory, enjoy the spectacular array of colours created by the various crops, orchards and vast monochromatic areas of the monoculture cultivation of cereals that change the appearance of the landscape according to the seasons. The hills are the most prosperous areas for wine and the productions of excellent grapes. The brightness and heat of the sun enhances the sugar content and delicate scent of the grapes, both of which are essential to producing the high quality wine which is abundant in this region. In the countryside, the crops that adorn the hills supply the right ingredients for the food and wine bounty typical of the territory. All of this makes this territory an oasis of peace and tranquility immersed in nature, far from the hecticness of modern life and the chaos of the city. Here, ancient towns maintain their continuity between the past, present and future, a continuity which is always more difficult to find and maintain these days.

Why take a Cooking vacation in Le Marche? Because in the Marches you will discover a natural spectacle that does not have an exact equivalent in the other Italian regions – that is, hills that are a polychromatic mosaic of cultivated fields that serve as a backdrop to the ancient medieval villages, which have a common cultural and artistic heritage tracing back to Church State of Rome.

Cooking classes in Le Marche

The Marches pride themselves on a food tradition consisting of simple ingrendients with a unique taste. Thanks for the conformation of the territory, dominated by mountains overlooking the sea, the Marches cuisine is very varied and ranges from predominantly meat-based dishes with strong and decisive tastes to crustacean, fish and seafood-based dishes.

We organize cooking classes in Le Marche because from the tastes of fish from the Adriatic sea to the dishes of the hills and mountains, the Marches offer an incredible variety of typical cooked dishes based on ancient and traditional recipes accompanied by a wide variety of wines. Our cooking holidays in Le Marche unfold in a beautiful villa at the top of a hill with a fantastic panoramic view. Here there is a little restaurant which is renowned in the area. In the course of our cooking classes here in the Marches the restaurant chef will reveal many of the secrets to creating little culinary masterpieces to visitors.

There is a swimming pool and a little bath for you to relax in after all of your hard work in the kitchen!

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