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Breaks in Italy

Italy is the cradle of many civlisations that have left behind beautiful monuments and wonderful artworks, masterpieces popular to visitors. Some areas have become “touristic villages”, but how can you travel to Italy and not visit the Coliseum, admire the leaning tower of Pisa or walk along the Venetian canals ? It is wonderful, a special experience, however the risk you run is that of returning home without have lived the Italian lifestyle; that magic lifestyle that combines an ability to enjoy life with a relaxed, smiling and creative approach – thinking in a different way – that has made Italy one of the most loved countries in the world.

Visit just venice

This adventure all started because we realized how many people visit Italy and at the end of their trip can say they have visited many monuments but haven’t even come close to seeing a more authentic part of the country.
How could you think of visiting Great Britain without going to London? And if you go to the United States, how can you not see New York? In reality however the Americans know that life in New York is very different from that in the rest of the United States just as the British know that London is not the real Great Britain. When we thought about where to organise our Breaks in Italy we took exactly these considerations into account: RomeFlorence and Venice are fantastic, but we wanted to offer authentic and genuine Italian experiences, and with this philosophy in mind we selected the regions where we have organized our cooking classes in Italy.
What a visitor first needs to know is that Italy is a geographically long and narrow nation that stretches from North to South. This means that it has a very variable climate and diverse products are offered by the earth: the typical diet of North Italy is different to that of the South Italy, and Italy’s wines also have profoundly different tastes and fragrances. It is for this reason that as part of our Breaks in Italy we have organized cooking classes in Italy to enable you to learn local recipes.

Where do we organise our Breaks in Italy?

When we visit a place that we do not know we would like to be welcomed by friends who show us the more authentic places which are frequented by the locals, people who accompany us in the restaurant where you eat home-cooked food and who then take us to the market to shop for groceries with the local people. My Italian Friend Ltd is so-named because it was founded in order to offer exactly this type of experience.

Cooking vacations in Italy

If you have never been to Italy you cannot not explore the monuments of Rome or the centre of Florence, but if this is not enough for you and you want to make and join some friends, smile and relax, with our Breaks in Italy in regions such as Apulia, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches we can show you a wonderful heritage comprising tradition, history, Italian cooking, and genuine hospitality with no strings attached.

Cooking vacations in Italy

The cultural richness of Italy results from the fact that Italy is the relatively recent union of regions that guard with great pride the culture and traditions. Thus, there is not a single “Italian cuisine”, short breaks in Italy - cucina sicilianabut an extraordinary richness that includes – for example – the Alto Adige cuisine with Austrian influences from Austria and Sicilian cuisine that also Arab influences. We thought that the best means of illustrating these differences in our Short Breaks in Italy would be by cooking, which in this country is a common language, almost a religion shared with

Breaks in Italy - Canederli love and passion by all. In this context the details are fundamental: the same recipe at a distance of a few kilometres is formulated differently, giving the dish new smells and tastes that are passed down with pride through the generations. Our Cooking Vacations in Italy are short cooking breaks that take place in the most authentic places, not yet tainted by mass tourism, presented to our guests through our Italian cooking classes. It is an opportunity to learn about local wines and food products. In our Short Breaks in Italy groups are small, usually from 4 to 8 in order to guarantee that everyone gets the most out of their cooking experiences and excursions. Yes, we have local guides who were born and live in Italy.


Short breaks in Italy

Our Breaks in Italy run for 4 or 7 days in order to show travellers the special andcooking vacations in Italy - private wine tasting hidden richness of these beautiful regions full of history and culture. Flight departures and arrivals are booked at the closet regional airport, but our partners who manage these cooking holidays are also able to offer transfers from train stations or other customised transport services to guests, avoiding the discomfort experienced by those who travel without a car. In this way, also when you only go for a long weekend – on our 4 day Short Break in Italy – we offer guests a full-immersion experience of Italian culture in which you will learn the cooking of this region in a fun and enjoyable way, learn about the wines and the monuments, and where numerous people will welcome you.

Breaks in Italy with our partners of the big experience

Short Breaks in Italy - Le MarcheOur partners have been operating in this sector for many years and are always happy to show our guests what has made their regions famous. Traditional cooking recipes, wine and local product tastings, local excursions – these are all opportunities to demonstrate the uniqueness of the territory. With the help of a native Italian guide, who is experienced in international tourism, you will receive a service of the highest standard, which does not affect the authenticity of the experience.

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