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Cooking vacations in Tuscany

The Maremma extends for about a quarter of the territory of Turscany between the cities of Livorno and Grosseto. The low Maremma borders with Lazio and is maybe the area most representative of the whole of the Maremma. What makes this area unique is the diversity of the land. The sea, hills and the mountains  blend together and add different colours to the landscape.  The hinterland is renowned for the Tuff and its Etruscan roots are still visible, as evidenced in the cities of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana.  In this part of the Maremma you can also find the famous thermal surges of Saturnia with healing properties.

Cooking holidays in Tuscany

Visitors who come here have the sensation of having travelled for a long time. And the curve effect is in fact rare to find straight, like level fields. Here everything is soft, round and curved. The important thing is not to get stressed by the clock. Here time has stopped and visitors are invited to share this spell. If you accept this advice, everything will seem perfect and you will be able to enjoy the views and landscapes that you see,  curve after curve. Prepare yourself for an emotional feast, a basket of precious jewels. Here you will find a wild piece of the world, consisting of big spaces where herds roam freely, isolated bays and forests where foxes and wild boars hide. This place is protected by natural reserves, forgotten by humans, who went to live some kilometers further onwards, in the beautiful ancient towns on the hills. Maybe it is for this that the low Maremma was discovered slowly, with the soul of the traveler of a time, a new and different territory with still uncontaminated landscapes, ancient traditions  jealously guarded, unique and rare atmospheres and tastes, far from the hecticness of mass tourism: medieval towns, quality local products, traditional food, natural reserves, lakes, archaeological sites and hiking trails.

Break in Tuscany

And then there is Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano, the cities literally carved in the Tuff. Visitors will be enchanted and amazed, as these cities offer unique shapes and colours and a fairytale and magical atmosphere. Around Sovana, for those who love archaeology, it will be stimulating to visit the tombs of the Etruscans such as the the Ildebranda Tomb and that of Sirena, or the Cavone, a path carved in the Tuff that joins Sovana to Pitigliano. Let yourself be infected by the atmosphere here. Let your curiousity get the better of you and follow this path without missing any part or corner.  Everything is here for you to admire, discover and above all, be enchanted by. Tuscany is wonderful.


Break in Tuscany

Getting around Tuscany, in the low Maremma, takes a long time and it is for this reason that the best solution is to be independent. It is fantastic to see it by foot or bicycle, and romantic by horse. But if you choose the shorter Break in Tuscany it is better to get around by car. You can use your own car or take advantage of the agreement we have with a local rental agency that provides 4×4 drive vehicles, which are useful for off-road trips, having a mountable GPS with the journey programmed in and a video camera to record the journey, a video which you can take home as a memory of your trip. But these Cooking Holidays in Tuscany not only feature culture and breathtaking landscapes, but also typical products and wines to sample. Maremma cuisine consists of simple and traditional dishes made from local seasonal products of the highest quality accompanied with a good glass of Morellino di Scasano or Bianco di Pitigliano. The most representative dish is the acquacotta, which nourished whole generations of Maremmese and is the symbol of the art of making a virtue out of necessity. There is no single recipe because every housewife used the seasonal products of her garden and the cheese of her flock, but the common ingredients in all the recipes are without a doubt extravirgin olive oil of the Maremma hills.


Pitigliano, where our Break in Tuscany is based is a little, fashionable town of Etruscan origins built on a hill of Tuff out of which tunnels, tombs, cellars and alleys have been carved throughout the eras and under the names of different rulers.
The characteristic historical centre is known as the little Jerusalem for the historical presence of a Jewish community, which is well integrated into the social setting and which had a synagogue here.

One of the typical desserts of Pitigliano is the Sfratto (which means the “Eviction”). It originated in the context of the history of the local Jewish community of Pitigliano and refers to the practice of beating the door of the houses of the Jewish people of the nearby country with a stick and transferring them to the ghetto of Pitigliano. A century later, the Jews of Pitigliano created this dessert which has a long shape, similar to a stick. The inside of the sfratto consists of honey, orange peel, nuts, aniseed and nutmeg that give it a sweet taste and an intense smell. Come and taste the local specialties on your Cooking Vacation in Tuscany!

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