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This adventure all started because we realized how many people visit Italy and at the end of their trip can say they have visited many monuments but haven’t even come close to seeing a more authentic part of the country. Therefore, we thought about our own vacations and the places we visited. The moments we still remember with a smile on our faces and a desire to relive them are the exchanges. To know a country means to meet the people that live there, understand their way of life and try to share it with them. Travelling with us we would like to provide you with the opportunity to make memories that will stay in your heart. When you think about Italy you’ll think of the memories you made in Giovanni’s wine cellar and the little secrets Maria taught you in her kitchen. You’ll smile and want to return immediately….

Diego Pinelli
CEO & Founder

Diego CEO & Founder, was born in Italy and is now living in the UK, though part of his soul still belongs to Italy

Multimedia & Site

Jason is the multimedia manager. If you’re reading about us it is thanks to him because he also manages the SEO

Kayleah Rhyme
USA Consultant

Kayleah is now in California but lived in Italy so she knows many secrets of this country. 

Sara Ciccarelli
Trip Strategist

Sara is living in Rome and is in love. With Italy. She has made an important contribution to the plan of all our travel routes

Tiziano Bianchi
Relationships with partners

Tiziano checks the level of the services offered by our italian partners. ‘Quality’ is his watchword.

Paolo D’Este
Multimedia & Social Network

Paolo plays rock music and paints, however shooting and editing is his daily bread 

Megumi Katayanagi
Japan market

Megumi was born in Tokyo. She came to Italy 14 years ago and since then has not returned home! 

Tiina Stenberg
Finland Market

Tiina came to Italy for the first time when she was 19-years-old and fell in love with the country and its people. Now she lives in Milan. 

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